Our Curriculum

At Bratton Primary School, we have created an exciting and interesting curriculum which is bespoke to our children, in our community.

We want our children to:

  • Learn about and from the lives of inspirational people
  • Have high aspirations for their futures
  • Understand, appreciate and celebrate the rich and diverse society in which they live in modern day Britain whilst developing a strong sense of belonging to and responsibility for their local area and the wider world
  • Have a rich vocabulary to help them to understand, articulate and express their thoughts and ideas
  • Appreciate the importance of leading healthy lives, understanding how to take care of their physical and mental well-being

Whole School Curriculum Map 2021-22

EYFS Curriculum 2021-22

Y1 Curriculum 2021-22

Y2-3 Curriculum 2021-22

Y3-4 Curriculum 2021-22

Y4-5 Curriculum 2021-22

Y5-6 Curriculum 2021-22


Information from the Curriculum Evening held on Thursday 15th October

Growth mindset introduction


Primary National Curriculum