Simonsbath 2016

  • 2-15pm – Mrs Denham has just called School to report that the children and staff have all arrived and are settled in to the Simonsbath Centre and are now out exploring the grounds. More news will be posted across the week.
  • 7:30pm- The children have had a brilliant day. A smooth journey and safe arrival. Upon arrival the children settled into their rooms (bed making was the first challenge), before having lunch. They then headed off to try the assault course.
  •  Assault course
  • After that the group split, with half of the children donning waders and waterproof coats before beginning their stream scramble and the other half preparing for archery. Devon said “That was the best thing I’ve ever done!” when he returned from his scramble! The archers listened attentively and showed a brilliant learning attitude and growth mindset to improve their skills and get ever closer to hitting the bullseye. The groups then swapped and enjoyed the other activity.
  • After peeling off wet clothes and hanging them to dry the children cleaned up for dinner. All of that fresh air and activity meant that they were hungry!
  • image image image image
  • The children ate well and lots had seconds. They are now engaged in a drumming workshop with a very enthusiastic teacher!
  • image image image
  • We’ll settle down for the evening with hot chocolate before showers and bed for 9:30.

8:30am- The children have  had a good night’s sleep. Everyone was settled and sound asleep in good time and most needed to be woken this morning! Just tucking into breakfast (cereal, toast and cooked) before heading off to Butlins. The children are rather excited.


6:30pm- What a fantastic day! The weather brightened up by the time we arrived at Bultins and we’ve enjoyed a warm and sunny day. The children embracex the challenge of the high ropes and everyone attempted something. Several children began very tentatively but were soon climbing the pole to tackle the leap of faith and whizzing around the high ropes.

image image

The children were fantastic, showing a huge amount of resilience and also support for each other. They encouraged others, gave advice and congratulated each other.

After a couple of hours, we headed to the beach to eat lunch and run around. A few people ventured to the sea for a paddle. Despite the grey sky it was quite warm.


We then headed back into Butlins and into the pool. The children spent lots of time together riding the slides, floating around in the lazy river and bobbing in the wave pool.


The  children are now tucking into another hearty meal including chocolate sponge and chocolate custard before heading off to the campfire for some songs and marshmallow toasting. Lots of tired but happy faces this evening.