BPS Parent Code of Conduct
BPS Home School Agreement
BPS Acceptable Use Policy – Parents

Statutory Policies
BPS Accessibility Plan 2021-24
BPS Attendance Policy
Wiltshire LA Attendance Policy August 2022
BPS Biometric Statement
BPS Charging and Remissions Policy
BPS Code of Conduct for teaching and support staff in schools
BPS Complaints Policy
BPS ECT induction policy
BPS Equality and Diversity Policy 2021-2025
Exclusion Guide 2022
BPS First Aid Policy
BPS GDPR and Data Protection Policy
BPS LAC and PLAC Policy
BPS Positive Behaviour Policy
BPS SEND Policy and Information Report
BPS Staff Capability Policy
BPS Staff discipline, conduct and grievance procedures
Statement of procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff
BPS Supporting pupils with medical conditions

Safeguarding Policies
Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022
BPS Safeguarding and CP Policy September 2022
BPS Staff Behaviour Policy- September 2022
BPS Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure
BPS IT Online Safety Policy 2021-24
BPS Child on Child Abuse Policy
BPS Child Friendly Child-on-Child Abuse Policy
BPS Anti-Bullying Policy
BPS child friendly anti bullying policy
Prevent Duty

Non-Statutory Policies
BPS Positive Handling Information
BPS Positive Handling Policy                                                                                                                                    BPS Personal use of social media by teaching and support staff in schools                                            BPS Mobile Phone and Camera Policy                                                                                                                      BPS REMOTE LEARNING POLICY

Admissions Policy – The Local Authority is the admissions authority for Bratton School. Please click on the link below to access this policy.