School Vision, Ethos and Aims

bratton primary school – our school values

Bratton Primary School:


At Bratton Primary School we are deeply aware of the key role we play in the first 7 years of children’s formal education, aiming to establish in every member of our school the skills, engagement and interest to become lifelong learners.

We are committed to reflective, open education, doing so with integrity, focussing on ensuring that all members of our school community are aware of the endless possibilities they have to grow and develop, both within our school and beyond.

Children at Bratton Primary will leave us being confident, curious and considerate individuals who are socially and academically equipped to meet the challenges of the modern world and it is our job to ensure they all aspire to the highest levels of personal achievement and development.


Is focused on creating a collaborative whole school learning culture and community, with aims applicable to all stakeholders: 

Bratton Primary School aims to:

  • Establish in all a GROWTH MINDSET, where we embrace and accept failure as a way to develop, learn and grow, confident to meet whatever challenge comes our way.
  • Enable all to establish themselves as confident, engaged learners, utilising core learning values of: RESILIENCE, RESOURCEFULNESS, RECIPROCITY AND REFLECTION.
  • Establish in all a REFLECTIVE awareness of how we learn and how we develop.
  • Foster in all INTEGRITY in their approach to learning, ensuring all are OPEN TO CHANGE.
  • Ensure strong ACADEMIC AND PERSONAL PROGRESS for all, through high quality learning, teaching, and the provision of ENRICHING experiences, ensuring maximum support, engagement and extension for all.
  • Build an open, supportive learning community, embracing COLLABORATIVE LEARNING and rich, constructive FEEDBACK for all.
  • Establish core COMMUNITY VALUES of honesty, acceptance, courtesy, respect, enthusiasm, engagement and determination, enabling all to succeed in the local community, as well as in modern Britain.