School Ethos and Aims

Bratton Primary School:

Vision, ethos and aims:

We are committed to your children’s education, from Reception to Year 6.

We are focussed on:

  • Providing a varied and engaging curriculum for all.
  • Fostering a positive whole school experience for every child.
  • Enabling all children to establish themselves as confident, engaged learners.
  • Ensuring that all our children are challenged to progress in their learning.
  • Ensuring all our children are aware of the endless possibilities they have to grow and develop, confident to embrace whatever challenge comes their way.

At Bratton Primary:

  • Children come first and our priority is to deliver high quality teaching and learning, providing rich, challenging and engaging learning experiences for all.
  • Everything we do as a school is aimed at ensuring the children achieve their very best.
  • We are deeply aware that children only get one chance at their primary education and it is our job to ensure they all aspire to the highest levels of personal achievement and development.
  • Our ethos is guided by the principle that learning ability is never fixed, meaning we develop in our children reflective, resilient and resourceful learning qualities.



Is focussed on creating a strong, resilient, growth orientated learning culture.

Bratton Primary School aims to:

  • Establish in all children a GROWTH MINDSET, where they embrace and accept failure as a way to develop, learn and grow, confident to embrace whatever challenge comes their way.
  • Enable all children to establish themselves as confident, engaged learners, utilising core learning values of: RESILIENCE, RESOURCEFULNESS, RECIPROCITY AND REFLECTION.
  • Ensure strong ACADEMIC PROGRESS for all our children through high quality learning and teaching, ensuring pupils are supported and challenged.
  • Establish core COMMUNITY VALUES of honesty, tolerance, courtesy, respect, enthusiasm, engagement and determination, enabling all our pupils to succeed in modern Britain.