Braeside 2017


Braeside Day 1
The children have had a fantastic start to their trip. After a historical hunt around Devizes, we spent the afternoon canoeing. Much fun was had by all as they worked together to paddle across the water and then played games such as a race across the canoes in raft formation and a ball hunt race. The session finished with giant leaps into the water! This evening the children settled into their rooms before having a delicious roast dinner and apple crumble. We have just read bedtime stories and said goodnight to 22 very tired, but extremely happy, Antelopes.

Day 2
The children have had another wonderful day.  We spent the morning imagining that we were shipwrecked on an island! The children hunted for firewood before constructing their own fires in their group camps.  After some experimentation, all groups were able to light their fires with flint, tinder and kindling and cook a tasty lunch of sausages, eggs, beans, mushrooms and courgettes.  The exciting experience ended with marshmallow toasting.  A fantastic morning, which will really enrich the shipwrecked story writing that the children will be doing back at school.  This afternoon, we walked along the canal to the pond for a creature hunt pond-dipping session.  The children have been very excited by the locks on the canal and were thrilled to be able to assist a barge in opening and closing locks on the way back to Braeside.  After a hearty meal of curry and rice, followed by jelly and cream, we were all thoroughly entertained in our Talent Show, with two of our boys stealing the show as hosts.  We ended the evening with bedtime stories and lots of excitement about the fun that we will have tomorrow on the low ropes.

Day 3
After a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ over breakfast for one of our boys and a team effort to pack their suitcases and strip their beds, the children spent the rest of the day solving team-building challenges. This included how to negotiate a laser beam matrix and transport their team across a crocodile-infested swamp using balancing skills, crates and planks.  After a picnic lunch, they tackled the low ropes, working effectively in pairs to move around the ropes, finishing in a team race against Pirate Keith.  Today more than ever, we saw just how far the children have come in developing their growth mind-set this year.  We were incredibly proud to see their resilience, courage and team skills and the delight in their faces as they achieved their goals.  It has been a wonderful three days and they can’t wait until they are in Year 6 and get to go on their next residential trip!