Curriculum Progression Maps

Curriculum Progression Maps

We have reviewed and updated our curriculum to make sure that it delivers on our curriculum intent. We are passionate about giving our pupils the very best learning experience that we can.

To help us ensure that our pupils are acquiring knowledge and, therefore, developing skills in a progressive sequence, we have developed subject progression maps. We revisit and revise previous learning and build on that in our lessons to ensure that we embed key knowledge.

Please find our subject progression maps below:

BPS Whole school curriculum map 2022-23

English progression Map 2021-22

design-and-technology-curriculum-progression-map 2021-22


History-curriculum-progression-map 2021-22

Music-curriculum-progression-map-final 2021-22

PE-curriculum-progression-map-final 2021-22

Science-curriculum-progression-map 2021-22