A message from the Chair of Bratton School Governors

On behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to our school website and provide you with an insight into the role of the Governing Body here at Bratton Primary School.

The governors, using experience from various backgrounds, work closely with the Headteacher to provide the very best opportunities for learning and development that we can for all the children at our school. Our main responsibilities include ensuring that legal obligations are met, determining the aims for the school and monitoring and evaluating how effectively the school is working towards achieving them. Our remit includes overseeing the use of the school’s budgets, ensuring that the public money provided to finance the school is used prudently. Although the day-to-day management of the school is delegated to the Headteacher, governors involve themselves as much as possible in the life of the school and take opportunities to see at first-hand how the children are educated.

The views of parents are also important to us. We need to know what parents and carers may feel are the school’s strengths or areas for development and of any ideas that parents may have for possible improvement. Often there will be at least one governor at school functions who will be delighted to hear the views of parents and carers. In addition, we will occasionally survey parents’ views directly, however, if you prefer, you can also contact the Governing Body at any time by writing to me (please mark the envelope as confidential for the Chair of Governors) via the school office or, if preferred, by email,     

WHAT do Governors do?

  • Set the strategic direction of the school
  • Agree policies to help the school run on a day to day basis
  • Set targets with the staff and Headteacher to ensure that the school attains its best in all areas
  • Monitor the school’s actions relating to these targets
  • Work closely with to support the staff in attaining their targets.

Why do we do this?

  • In order to ensure that all children have a successful and happy time whilst learning at Bratton Primary School.

When do we do this?

  • The full Governing body meets approximately 10 times a year. Meetings normally take place in the evening but we also regularly attend school during the school day to monitor performance and identify areas for improvement alongside the Headteacher. We currently have no other committees.

How do we manage all these areas of responsibility?

  • By being available to work with staff
  • By monitoring the progress of the school towards its targets
  • By meeting with the school’s staff on an annual basis to set school priorities and to create a new School Development and Improvement plan
  • By meeting with parents and pupils to discuss their school
  • By engaging with the local Authority to be trained in new developments and initiatives.

Our School Governors

Nick Wood -Chair 

I am delighted to be a School Governor, having moved to Bratton in 2019 after 27 years as an Army officer travelling the world. Much of my working life has been spent designing and delivering training and as such I have a passion for helping people and organisations achieve their goals. I am fortunate to continue to do this as a consultant with one of the large professional service firms.

I am married to an interior designer with two children, one at university the other a 6th former and I enjoy much about living in the country, including playing cricket for the village. I am also the Chairman of the Jubilee Players, Bratton’s community theatre group, and I mentor one of the senior leadership team at the charity Crisis. As the son of a former teacher and school governor I relish the opportunity to work with my fellow governors, the school and its staff and pupils and look forward to many happy times ahead.

Libby Grundy – Governing Body Co-opted / Safeguarding Governor

I was a secondary and primary school teacher in the Midlands before working for nearly 20 years in environmental education in the charity sector, inspiring children to understand, love and care for the world in which we live. Recently I worked for the Soil Association on school food programmes that help us understand where our food comes from, make food choices that are good for us and the planet, and improve the status and quality of school food.

I became a governor in 2018 after moving to Bratton from Bath.  Having had a career in the education sector I am committed to using my experience and time to support the children and staff of Bratton primary school, whether attending governor meetings, sitting on interview panels, or helping out with nativity plays and school coach trips! A co-opted governor, I am the SEN (Special Educational Needs) lead governor and the Lemurs class (Year One) link governor.  During the past 12 months I have attended a wide range of school governor training provided by Bratton school, by the Westbury school cluster and by Wiltshire Council, and have spent most Fridays with Lemurs class as a volunteer. Since joining the Bratton team I have helped to appoint new catering providers, Lataca, and continue to work with them to improve provision.

David Harding – Co-opted Governor

I moved into the area during the Summer of 2020 having previously lived in London. As an outdoor and active person, cycling, running, walking, I am delighted we now live in rural Wiltshire with extensive opportunities for walking on our doorstep, to say nothing of living on a National Cycle Route. I am a qualified accountant having spent my career working at one of the largest professional services firms.

Whilst living in London I took on the role of governor at a local school which allowed me to bring my years of work experience in a professional, commercial environment to benefit schoolchildren in my local area. My skills include financial, risk and project management as well as my prior governing experiences which included chairing the Resources Committee.

Danny Holdcroft – Co-opted Governor

I currently live in the village and have two children at Bratton school. Having grown up in rural Devon I am very much a country person and love exploring outside space especially through cycling. I am passionate for almost all sport, but especially football. Whilst I was lucky enough to have played professional football, I now work as a coach to athletes who aspire to be an Olympic Champion.

Having grown up in rural Devon I have a strong affiliation with the importance that primary school plays in the development of young children, something that has now has come full circle as I have two primary school children of my own. My excitement comes from supporting others in the establishment of systems and structures to achieve success both in the short and the sustained long term. As a governor I hope to bring by experience from my professional life to support and challenge the school to maintain and continue developing its high standards, allowing its children to become inspired by life’s opportunities.

Mark Fanning – Co-opted Governor

I live in the village, having moved from Surrey a couple of years ago, and my son attends our wonderful school. I have worked in the City of London as a solicitor for the majority of my career. I now own and help manage a City law firm specialising in insurance and marine casualty work. Fortunately, these days I get to work from home for over half of my working week and enjoy living in the countryside.

I was previously a governor at a large secondary school where my three, now grown up, daughters attended.

I am a member of the Bratton Jubilee Hall Management Committee and am the self appointed sous chef for the monthly breakfast.

I am interested in travelling, reading and history as well as being keen gardener

I am looking forward to using my experience/background in business to supplement the existing strength in depth of the governing body and to support and challenge the school during this exciting period striving to deliver on its vision.

Frank Lee – Co-opted Governor

Lindsay MacDuff – Co-opted Governor

Jennie Jones – Co-opted Governor

Daniel Loughran – Co-opted Governor

I work at the University of Bath as a Reader in Pure Mathematics, having completed my PhD in Mathematics at Bristol in 2011 and obtained fellowship status at The Higher Education Academy in 2021. I have a strong interest in teaching and teaching governance, having taught for many years at the University level.

I moved to the village with my family in 2022 after a lengthy house renovation. I have three children who will pass through Bratton primary and a strong interest in the continuing success of the school. I’m very excited by Mrs. Williams’ arrival and I think the changes she has already began making are wonderful and helping to re-vitalise the school. I will work with her and the other governors in shaping the future of the school and its strategic direction, at what is an exciting time for the school and a brilliant opportunity for fresh ideas and approaches.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the accordion and Morris dancing. As such I’m particularly passionate about the provision for music lessons at school.

Governor details for website 2021-22

Chair of Governors:
Nick Wood – please contact via