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Hooke Court July 2022 – Day Three

Wednesday 13th July

The children woke up a little later today, no surprise after the busy day we had yesterday but we stripped our beds, packed our bags and tidied our rooms, and all before breakfast.

We had cereal, toast, croissants, ham and cheese for breakfast. All ready for another busy day.

Our activity today was the ‘Viking experience’. We made jewellery, completed some weaving and made clay discs and pendants with Viking runes on them. After we finished, we looked at fighting tactics, creating a shield wall and chanting.


Hooke Court 2022 – Day Two

Tuesday 12th July 

The children were very well behaved last night and had a good night’s sleep. We got up at 7am and went to breakfast for half past 8- the cereal and beans/ jam on toast filled us up.

Our first activity was orienteering, we had to find different points to locate letters and unscramble them to solve a clue. The ‘Best of the Best’ team won!

Then, we completed the low ropes course.

For lunch, we ate sandwiches, yoghurts, biscuits and fruit on the benches outside of our accommodation. Once we were full and energised, we were excited to have a go at rafting. A few of us got a bit wet but we had a great time!

As an extra activity, Mrs Midgley arranged for us to go down to the WWI trenches. We were given a talk to show us where they lived and what it was like. All of the children were really engaged.

During our free time, we showered and enjoyed some shade before eating a BBQ dinner, with ice-cream for dessert.

To end a very fun filled day, we had a campfire where we told jokes, sang and even performed some of our Peter Pan songs. It ended with s’mores provided by Mrs Midgley as part of an end of term forest school activity.

We are all tucked up in bed now, very tired from a long, exciting day!


Hooke Court 2022 – Day One 

Monday 11th July 

We left Bratton full of excitement and had a smooth journey to Hooke Court. We arrived a little bit early but we went into our accommodation and tackled the first task of making our beds. We explored the house and spent some time in the rooms, even playing some card games with Mrs Gray.

We ate our lunch and enjoyed the shady area outside.

Our first activity of the day was ‘Bridging the Moat’. We learned how to tie ropes securely to connect three pieces of wood so we could use them to transport supplies to the other side of the water.

By half past 3, it had cooled down so we went for a walk to explore the grounds and even had a brief run around on the sports field.

We enjoyed our dinner of pasta with bolognese or tomato sauce and garlic bread, before having apple crumble for dessert.

To end the day, we had our ‘Nightline’ activity, where we were guided around while wearing a blindfold. We have to put our trust in each other and learned to work as a team, appreciating our sense of sight.

We have enjoyed our first day and are hoping for a good night’s sleep.