Simonsbath 2018

Day one

Having had a good journey down to Simonsbath House, and the children being complimented by the driver on their behaviour, we quickly settled into our rooms and made our beds. This involved a degree of perseverance and teamwork! The children then enthusiastically threw themselves into today’s activities. They took on a challenge to find a solution for the whole team to be able to climb a wall, where only 1 member could use a rope. It was great to see excellent communication and encouragement between the children.  Then, they experienced the thrill of grass sledging, where they needed to use their bravery and coordination to direct their sledge down a hill at speed. Determination was shown, when children who fell off didn’t give up and had another go. Lastly, the children were able to test out the centre’s new zip wire. They took in turns climbing a ladder up a tree, and had a competition to see who could scream the loudest on the way down. We were pleased to see all children overcoming any fears and having a go at all of the activities.  We have just finished dinner and after such a busy afternoon, all the children had built up an appetite – clean plates all round! We are now off to a ukulele session.


Day two

The children really enjoyed last night’s ukulele session and after a busy first day, they all slept well. Day two has been just as jam packed as the first day. The children have rotated through 3 different activities, including: archery, a gladiator and zig zag climb and stream scrambling.  In archery, all of the children concentrated well and were able to hit the target.  An extra well done to Noah and Jake L, who managed to pop the balloon. The zig zag and gladiator climb required the children to ascend up different obstacles, including a log and across rope bridges, whilst up in the trees. Again, it was lovely to see the children supporting others, who may have felt slightly nervous, as well as all children having a really good go!  After that, they competed in the gladiator climb, where the children raced to the top of a hanging structure.  For this task, they had to work as a team and demonstrate trust in one another, as they were each other’s belays. The third activity required stylish waders to be worn. We scrambled up a nearby stream, over branches and commando rolled under logs, becoming rather wet in the process.  The fourth and unofficial activity of the day was pond dipping. The children can partake in this during their free time and in between activities. They have loved this and are grabbing every opportunity they can, to see what they can find in the water. The children thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities and have built up big appetites for our dinner. After dinner, we are looking forward to trying out yet another new experience, circus skills! Following that, we will be relaxing with a hot chocolate before bed.