Wrap Around Care


Bratton Before and After School Care operates under the umbrella of Bratton Primary School. The WAC has adopted the policies already in place at the school, full details of which can be found on the school website – www.bratton.wilts.sch.uk where there is a variation to the school policy, or further clarification is required, this is detailed further below.

Absences or Late Pick-Ups

Wrap Around Care Team contact number 07354 685285 updated for Jan 2023

General Enquiries and Bookings


FUNdays Club Enquiries contact number 07874 222782

FUNdays Club is an outsourced organisation that provides admin support for wraparound care bookings.

Staffing Policy Staff are employed by the school and are subject to the school Employment Policies.

Behaviour Policy The WAC has adopted the school’s Behaviour Policy and will employ the same sanctions and rewards as the school. Any incidences of bad behaviour will be reported by the WAC Supervisor to the Head Teacher.

Safeguarding Policy Staff have completed safeguarding training and whilst they adopt the school policy, they have a stand-alone reporting procedure should they have any concerns over the safety of a child attending the WAC. All staff have been given DBS clearance and have undertaken appropriate first aid training, although staff will not administer prescribed medication during sessions. Separate photographic consent has been sought for all pupils attending the WAC.

Health and Safety Policy The WAC operates under the school Health and Safety Policy and appropriate Risk Assessments have been undertaken for different aspects of the WAC. Pupil registration forms including allergies and emergency contact information is held by the WAC Supervisor who has the use of a school mobile phone to use when necessary.

In the event of a fire, staff will escort pupils out of the Hall and exit the building via the external Hall entrance after which they will assemble on the playground. Appropriate fire evacuation signage is displayed in the Hall.

Food Hygiene Staff have completed optional Food Hygiene training and will ensure that children wash their hands before eating at the WAC.

Charging Policy Billing is handled by FUNdays Club and all WAC sessions must be paid for in advance to school. Staff are unable to accept payment for WAC sessions and all enquiries should be made to FUNdays Club. Terms regarding the cost of sessions and cancellation policy are detailed in the booking policy and must be agreed when registering to book. Policy will be reviewed annually

Pricing for Breakfast and After School Club 

Before School Care

Monday- Friday  8.00am –  8.50am     £3.00 per child per day (10% discount for sibling bookings)

After School Care

Option 1
Monday-Friday   3.15pm – 4.30pm    £4.00 per child per day (10% discount for sibling bookings)

Option 2
Monday- Friday  3.15pm – 6.00pm   (Friday to 5:00pm) £8.00 per child per day (10% discount for sibling bookings)

Option 3
Monday- Friday  4.30pm – 6.00pm  (Friday to 5:00pm)  £6.00 per child per day (10% discount for sibling bookings)